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For the time being we are more than 60 qualified workers, with whom you can count from the reception of your orders or raw material, to lasts and beddings production. You can also find the footwear manufacture departments such as the modelling, cutting, stitching, assembling, bottoming and finishing. Before your orders leave our factory they all go through the final quality control and the expedition.

Jorge Mendes


Phone: +351 256 023 055
Email: jorgemendes@s2sole.pt

Cláudia Pinto

Human Resources
Quality Department

Phone: +351 918 936 128
Email: claudiapinto@s2sole.pt

Luísa Silva

Customer Support

Phone: +351 256 023 055
Email: luisasilva@s2sole.pt
Skype: LuísaSilvaS2S

Cristina Cruz


Phone: +351 256 023 055
Email: cristinacruz@s2sole.pt